German based Irish Dancing Teachers
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We have divided our list into so called Teachers and Trainers and have included on the end a number of studios to which we have little information.

Irish Dancing Teachers

This is a list of the Irish Dancing trainers actively teaching Irish Dancing in Germany. We have heavily restricted the list to only those trainers with recognised Irish Dancing qualifications and to those with extensive Irish Dancing teaching experience. These teachers give regular classes in both soft and hard shoes and are recognised within the Irish Dancing community for their maintaining of the high standard of students.

A certain amount of confusion has been caused in the last few months as to which of our Teachers have obtained their TCRG (Irish Dancing teaching qualification) and which not. To our knowledge there are currently no qualified TCRG teachers in Germany. A number of teachers have committed themselves to sitting the exam in the next 2 - 3 years, and in return have been awarded a “preliminary” TCRG status. This allows these teachers to send students to An Coimisiún Feis’s but is otherwise not the same as the TCRG obtained by examination. Further information about the TCRG can be obtained from Mary Sweeney. Mary and Sean Kilkenny (Netherlands) have been awarded Temporary Teachers status from An Coimisiun and will probably be sitting their exams some time next year in Dublin. We wish them all the best.

To avoid repeating ourselves you can assume that all of the Teachers have regular classes in their area during the Week and give Workshops on weekends. Most trainers are very mobile, therefore don’t despair if there is no one in your area. If you can organise a few people and a Studio, contact the Trainer nearest to you. It is normally possible to organise something. All of the teachers have their own troupe of dancers who often can be hired for special occasions or shows.

If you are still having problems finding a Teacher check out the alternative Dance Studios or let us know and we will try to pass on your request to the nearest Teacher.

Apologies in advance to all those who believe they should be on this list. Send us details of your School or of your teacher.



The Anne Murphy School of Irish Dancing (Anne Murphy)


Anne has classes in Munich throughout the week in studios and for the VHS and on Thursdays and Fridays for the Emerald Dancers. She also holds workshops throughout the year in Southern Germany. Up-to-date information about all of Anne’s courses and workshops is available on the Web page. Classes in English and/or German.
More detailed information about Anne is available



Anne Murphy
Süskindstraße 7
81929 München

Tel: 089 / 933 884






Rince Tir na nOg (Mary Sweeney & Brid McKeown)


Brid runs the Munich end of the Irish Dancing school started by Mary Murray (now Sweeney). Classes are held in Munich throughout the week in various studios and schools. The performers meet on Saturdays. See also Mary Sweeney (Kaiserslautern). Classes in English.
Update: Brid has now moved back to Ireland and the classes have been taken over by a girl from America. You should contact Mary if you are looking for information about the classes for the moment until we get more up to date contact information.



Mary Sweeney née Murray
Steinstraße 50
67657 Kaiserslauten

Tel: 0631 / 3607172
Mobile: 0171 / 4651877






Frankfurt am Main


Gabriell School of Traditional Irish Dance (Robert Homeier)


Bobby gives classes at various schools, the VHS and for his own performing group Gaelach Gorm. Classes in English and/or German.
More detailed information about Bobby is available



Robert Gabriel Homeier
Gutzkowstraße 35
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: 069 / 624068



Seàn Kilkenny


Seàn has taken a year out to study and is therefore not currently teaching in Germany on a regular basis. He will however be giving regular workshops all over Germany. Check out the Events page for information about his workshops.











The Irish Harp School of Irish Step Dancing (Seàn Carmody)


Seàn takes pride on getting the best out of his students and has high standards for posture and stage presence. Classes throughout the week in Nürnberg and Forscheim. Workshops Germany wide. Classes in English. Seàn owns and runs the Irish Harp Pub where he takes some of his lessons. Three bars on two levels with something for every age.
Update: Seàn is no longer giving classes in the Nürnberg area.







Rince tir na n’Óg (Mary Sweeney & Brid McKeown)


Classes throughout the week. Workshops in Kaiserslautern, Munich and Germany wide. See also Brid McKeown (Munich). Classes in English.
More detailed information about Mary is available
Update: Brid has now moved back to Ireland and the classes in Munich have been taken over by a girl from America.



Mary Sweeney née Murray
Steinstraße 50
67657 Kaiserslauten

Tel: 0631 / 3607172
Mobile: 0171 / 4651877






Ian Creaner




Ian is no longer giving classes here. We currently do not know of any other alternatives in the area. Check out the Proitzer Mühle for Workshops with other teachers.







Áine Halpin School of Irish Dance (Áine Halpin)


Áine has been teaching Irish Dance in Stuttgart since 1994. She holds regular classes in Solo (hard and soft shoe) and Céilí Dancing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She also offers private lessons and Céilí Workshops at VHS. Classes in English and/or German.



Áine Halpin
Libanonstr. 108
70186 Stuttgart

Tel: 0711 / 483901



Elaine Walker




Classes every two weeks.



Sibylle Wanner

Tel: 0172 / 900 55 49






Berlin Irish Dance Company (Bill Whelan & Jacqueline Toner)


Bill and Jacqueline between them have classes running almost every day of the week. Their school offers all kinds of Irish Dancing (Traditional, Set and Céilí) as well as regular Irish Parties with live music. They will be offering children’s courses soon (late summer to autumn 2000). The mail and web addresses will be operational some time later this year.



Bill Whelan
Prinzenstraße 11
10969 Berlin

Tel: 030 / 615 46 79






An Rein Rinceoir Academy (Maria McAteer)


Classes several times a week at various levels. Regular workshops in Köln and Bonn.



Maria McAteer

Tel: 0221 / 94 04 350





Irish Dancing Trainers and Workshop organisers

In addition to the relatively small number of Irish Dancing “Teachers” who generally learned to dance in Ireland there is an increasing number of Trainers who took their first three’s and seven’s within the last few years here in Germany. With only a few exceptions they have all been trained by one or other of the Irish Dancing teachers listed above.

Schnega (1,5 hours drive from Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover)


Seminarhof Proitzer Mühle


The Proitzer Mühle has a long tradition of dance and music workshops from Ireland and Scotland, and is well known for its high quality workshops from well known trainers (Mary Sweeney, Anne Murphy, Maria McAteer ...).



Kerstin Kuhn
Seminarhof Proitzer Mühle
29465 Schnega

Tel: 05842-450. Fax: -407






Angelika Müller


Angelika gives Soft-shoe Courses and Workshops (VHS) in the Stuttgart, Tübingen and Sindelfing area. She started dancing in 1987 with Ian Creaner long before any other Irish Dancing groups had been formed and started teaching her own group in 1992. Angelika concentrates on soft shoe and group dances.




Tel: 0711 / 816 00 40






Natalie Aboulfath


Natalie refers to herself as a “Quereinsteiger” to Irish Dancing having started in 1987 with American Tap Dance and later Appellation Flatfoot Clogging. She started teaching Irish Dancing in 1996. She holds regular classes in Kelsterbach, Wiesbaden and Gießen and workshops all over. Most workshops are only for hard shoes with some Ceili classes.



Goebenstr. 9
D-65195 Wiesbaden

Tel / Fax: 06 11 / 44 35 44








Silvia Linder gives introductory Irish Dancing lessons with support from Anne Murphy and the Emerald Dancers. The emphasis is on soft shoe dances.



Am lohmühlbach 10
85356 Freising

Tel: 08161 / 82 00 0
Fax: 08161 / 87 20 80






Ballett und Step Schule Münch


Edith Tilmann organises regular monthly courses and weekend workshops with Mary Sweeney.



Ballett u. Step Schule Münch
Allee 18
74072 Heilbronn

Tel: 07131 / 8 08 03



Thomas Stork


Thomas organises workshops with guest Teachers for their group







Iris Graf


Iris organises workshops with guest Teachers for their group







Julia Kempen


Julia has courses in American and Irish Step at various levels. The studio also organises workshops with guest Teachers such as Mary Sweeney and Sean Kilkenny. No soft shoe classes though.



Steptanz-Studio Julia Kempken
Vorder Cramergasse 13
90478 Nürnberg (St. Peter)

Tel: 0911 / 40 22 13
Fax: 0911 / 40 22 73






Other groups and studios offering Irish Dancing

The following studios and groups also provide some form of Irish Dancing lessons, either as Workshops with other trainers or with their own trainers. In the past years there has been an increase in the number of “Riverdance” classes which have turned out to be American Tap to Irish Music. The availability of training videos has made it possible for some American Tap instructors to “jump on the Irish Dance bandwagon” without really understanding the culture behind Irish Dancing.

Please note however that in the last few years a number of very talented German dancers have started teaching - You do not need to be Irish to teach Irish Dancing! Please let us know about the schools offering Riverdance lessons in your area and we will list them here (and not to forget the Riverdance Aerobics!).

We have only very little information about the following studios. Use with caution. Always ask who is giving the lessons, and from whom they learned to dance.


Nicole Macak

Scala II in Essen
Student of Robert Homeier

0234 / 540255


Klaus Derges

Student of Robert Homeier

0209 / 23720


Bernd Menzel

Folk Club Erlangen
Set / Ceili Dancing



Wiltrud Werner

Paderborner Tanzhaus e.V.
Ceili workshops on the weekends

05251 / 31785
05251 / 26951


Claudia Wittauer

Göthestraße, Frankfurt
No positive reports as yet!