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6 December 2003 - 7 December 2003 - workshop with Kevin McCormack ADCRG in Brasschaat (Belgium)

PIVOLTÉ organises an ID workshop, this time with Kevin McCormack, ADCRG, former Lagan member of Riverdance (and, indeed, Ronan\\\'s brother!)


Saturday 6th of December:
12.30-13.45: beginners (with knowledge)
14.00-15.15: primary/intermediate
15.30-16.45: advanced

Sunday 7th of December:
10.00-11.45: beginners (with knowledge)
12.45-14.30: primary/intermediate
15.00-16.45: advanced

(groups can be split if levels in one class are too different)

GILO HET HEIKEN, Het Heiken 47, 2930-Brasschaat (Belgium)

1 level (3 hours): 40 EUR
2 levels (2 x 3 hours): 75 EUR
3 levels (3 x 3 hours): 105 EUR

info & subscription: christine_verbiest@hotmail.com
or +32-3-480.06.23 / +32-485/70.37.73

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