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10 May 2001 - 3rd Annual Class Competition

Aine Halpin School of Irish Dance will hold the 3rd Annual Class Competition in Stuttgart, on Thursday May 10th 2001 at 19:30. After the success of the inaugural Irish dancing Feis in December 1998, Stuttgart‘s ever expanding group of riverdancers have their third opportunity to strut their stuff in a competitive situation on May the 10th. Once again, the venue will be the Altes Feuerwehrhaus, Möhringerstr. 56, Heslach

As last year, competitions will be held in the soft-shoe and hard-shoe disciplines of Reel, Jig and Slip-Jig, double Jig, treble Jig , Blackbird, Hornpipe, St. Patrick's Day.

All are welcome to come and watch!

For more information contact: ainehalpin@hotmail.com or tel: 0711-483901

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