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11 May 2001 - Gaelfest Frankfurt

DIGRM is once again organising the Gaelfest Workshop weekend with workshops in various Irish Instruments and Irish Set and Step Dancing. Additional information can be obtained from the DIGRM Website: www.digrm.de or from Markus Metz: metz@digrm.de .

This Year Sean Kilkenny will be giving a Step Workshop once again, but this time at an Intermediate level (according to the organisers). The official flyers have not gone out yet which means that you should have a good chance of getting a place if you register now. Registration is via Post or Fax, the registration form is available from the DIGRM web site www.digrm.de.

Additional attractions are the very popular Set Dancing Workshop with Mick Mulkerrin (excellent!!), the Bodhrán Workshop with Rolf Wagels (we had a great time in a Workshop of Ralf\'s last year), as well as other Music Workshops on the weekend.

By the way the old Gaelfest Web address from last year is no longer maintained by the organisers of Gealfest and is therefore not up to date.

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