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12 May 2002 - 27 April 2002 - Workshop with Shane Ryan - "To Dance On The Moon"

The Emerald Dancers are pleased to announce that we are organising various workshops with Shane Ryan, the former lead dancer in the internationally successfull Irish Dance Show "To Dance On The Moon" in Munich on the 12th of May. We have workshops at both Intermediate and Advanced levels (similar to Sean K. Advanced level if that helps) open to all.

More detailed information about the courses can be found on the emerald dancers web site at www.emerald-dancers.de under events (in German).

Shane started dancing at the age of 7 and already as a child was very successfull in the Irish, British and World Championships. He toured with "Spirit of the Dance" through America and Australia before joining "To Dance On The Moon" as their lead dancer. He is currently touring Europe giving workshops and is visiting Munich as the last leg in his tour.

The numbers are limited so register as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment.

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Author: Simon Woods
Created: prior to 1.1.2002
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