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2 July 2010 - 8 July 2010 - Camp Rince Berlin - Irish Dance Camp 2010

Camp Rince Berlin 2010
Irish Dance Camp with Nicole Ohnesorge & Gyula Glaser
2nd – 8th of July
Berlin, Charlottenburg
A camp for all levels and age in Irish dancing…

The camp includes:
• 5 days of intensive training in soft and hard shoes with 2 classes a day (1.5 hours each) with professinal dancers
• Option to join us only for a few days as well
• Ceili dances – Let the fun begin!
• Gift T-shirt to all attendees
• Social programs – barbecue party, movie night and a lot more

Not an Irish dance fan yet?
No problem! Come and join our beginner classes for new starters where you can get the feeling of Irish dancing.

For more details, please contact us on camprinceberlin@hotmail.com for our detailed brochure!

Author: Nicole Ohnesorge
Created: 23 May 2010
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