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15 August 2009 - 21 August 2009 - Bernard´s Summer School 2009 - 9th SSID

This summer school is about irish dancing, traditional music lessons and lessons of Irish. More you can find at www.bernards.cz.

Combine your Irish interests with a trip to beautiful Prague!

Prague 15 – 21 August 2009

Quality teaching – excellent atmosphere – cosy environment in a vibrant city
Experienced teachers from Ireland, Scotland, France, Slovakia and Czech Republic

--- Dance lessons for all levels:
• soft shoes for beginners
• soft and hard shoes (basic + primary)
• intermediate + open with TCRGs
• set dancing
• sean-nós

--- Irish language

--- Musical instruments:
• fiddle
• whistles, flute
• guitar (DADGAD)
• bodhrán
• uileann pipes
• button accordion (box)
• four-string banjo

Extra programme: Irish films, music sessions, ceilí, final show evening

- new impulses for your Irish activities
- contacts and friendships with people from different corners of Europe
- encouraging atmosphere among people tuned in the same way
- a beautiful city which will inspire you to return

More information: www.bernards.cz

Author: Václav Bernard
Created: 27 May 2009
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