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29 December 2008 - Winter Dance Day

Winter Dance Day for ALL LEVELS and ALL dancers.
Location: Tanzfabrik Julia Kempken • Vordere Cramergasse 11 - 13 • 90478 Nürnberg - Germany
9:00h-20:00h (sure you can have a breack in between :))
contact: popprebecca@hotmail.com

The winter dance day is thought as an opportunity to meet new people (and old friends) who also do Irish dance. We will just dance the WHOLE day - ceili, drills, Trad. Sets, Show Steps - whatever occurs to us. Everybody with SLIGHT previous knowledge is very welcome to join us - regardless of who his/her dance teacher is or which organization the dancer belongs to. All levels from beginners to open can come.

There is no official teacher - everybody can contribute with own ideas (sure: I want to do some drills and some Ceilis and would love to teach them). So advanced dancers are all the more welcome, because their input will make things interesting.

It would be nice if everybody who participates could bring some food with (salad, Christmas cookies if some are left over, cake, bread or whatever occurs to you), so that we have a small buffet for the day.

To cover the rent of the room you will have to make a contribution of max. 10€ for the day - depending on how many people are coming.

PLEASE send me an email if you want to come, so I can plan the day better:


Hope to see you in December.

Author: Rebecca Popp
Created: 22 October 2008
Last updated: 6 December 2008