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17 May 2008 - 18 May 2008 - Sean nós Dance Weekend in Zürich

Sean nós Dance Weekend in Zürich with Paraic Ó Hoibicín

You still can book for this great weekend. Take the rare opportunity
to learn this very old style of step dancing with Paraic in Switzer-
land. Paraic is a farmer from Connemara and he is a great dancer and a
very talented teacher as well. This is the second workshop in Zürich
with Paraic. After the great success last year I decides to invite him
again an d I am looking forward to an other enjoyable weekend with this
charming man.

Info and detailled flyer for both activities:
Elizabeth Zollinger, 044 252 09 18, or info@irish-culture.ch

House to let on Inishmore, Aran Islands: There are still some free terms
for renting my house on this beautiful Island between 10 May and 10 July
Info: www.irish-culture.ch

Author: Elizabeth Zollinger
Created: 20 April 2008
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