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11 April 2008 - Registration form and info on Open Workshop

Open Workshop/ Seminar in Irish Dance
Location - Seminarhof Proitzer, Muehle 29465 Schnega, Germany

Dates 11th April – 13th April.
You will need to be there by 19.00 on Friday afternoon. The seminar will end by 15.30 on Sunday.

Trainers Ṃna Ń Rodaigh (ADCRG, BG)
Mairin Ni Ruairi ( ADCRG)
Owen McAuley (ADCRG, BG)
Adrian Steward (TCRG)
Carla O’Brien (Ex lead Riverdance)

Cost Euro 175
(this includes participation in the seminar, accommodation in communal rooms – max 4 persons per room, full board , entry to Ceili on Saturday evening).

Payment Euro 100 should be paid upon confirmation of registration
This is not refundable. (See next page for payment details).
The remaining Euro 75 must be paid upon arrival.

Registration Please complete the registration form.

Travel info. Please see www.proitzer-muehle.de
(We are currently organizing transfers to and from the airport(s).

Registration form open workshop 11th – 13th April 2008

Name __________________________________


In order to ensure the smooth running of this workshop we need to know your standard of Irish dance and which components of the workshop you are most interested participating in.

State the dances you are familiar with and any recent workshops you have participated in.

Please tick the components you wish to participate in –

- Teacher / Adjudicator Information /Seminar
- Irish Language Classes
- Ceili Dancing Classes
- Traditional Set Dances
- Solo Dancing ( Intermediate level )
- Grade Exams

Please make the Payment of Euro 100 to –
ASSOCIAZIONE ‘The Tara School of Irish Dancing’
Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Sesto San Giovanni, Agenzia 3
Account number – 111624
ABI 08865
Cab 20702
Iban IT 72 B 08865 20702 000000111624

Once you have made this payment please send an e-mail to esther@taraschool.it confirming payment, stating date of payment and from which bank.

Also inform us of your transport details, so that airport transfers can be organized.

Author: Mary Sweeney
Created: 4 March 2008
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