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11 April 2008 - Open Workshop Seminar in Irish Dance

under auspice of An Coimisuin Le Rinci Gaelacha open to dancers from all over Europe.

On April 11th - 13th

Seminarhof Proitzer Muehle
29465 Schnega

Workshop / Seminar will include:

- Teacher / Adjudicator Information /Seminar
- Irish Language Classes
- Ceili Dancing Classes
- Traditional Set Dances
- Solo Dancing ( Intermediate level )
- Grade Exams

- Fri 11th April 8pm - 10pm - Welcome to weekend followed by short classes.
- Sat, 12th April 8.30pm 6pm Classes. Sat evening Ceili 8pm 11pm
- Sun. 13th April 8.30am - 2pm - Classes.
- Questions and answer session 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Register and information

Esther Bromley TCRG biagioesther@libero.it
Mary Sweeney TRCG mursweeney@aol.com
www.europeirishdance.com www.proitzer-muehle.de
Overseas Development Committee CLRG
Mona Roddy ADCRG, Owen McAuley ADCRG, Mairin Ni Ruairi ADCRG,Esther Bromley TCRG
Mary Sweeney TCRG

Author: Mary Sweeney
Created: 25 February 2008
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