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If you have information about Irish Dancing classes, performances, workshops, festivals or home grown concerts add your details here. Alternatively you can post the information to the Forum or sign up for our Newsletter to be informed of workshops and events.

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2 March 2002 - Workshop with Terri Heckmann (T.C.R.G - Canada) in Munich

The Emerald Dancers have invited Terri Heckmann (T.C.R.G) from Canada to give us a number of Workshops on the 2nd of March. The numbers are limited so register as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment. She will also be giving a beginners course for all those who have never tried Irish Dancing before. This is an ideal opportunity to get training from an experienced T.C.R.G Teacher (the recognised Teachers qualification from Ireland) and it may be some time before we can offer something quite like this again.

Additional information is available on our website:

or contact the workshop organisers at workshop@emerald-dancers.de

Terri is giving courses for all levels from Beginners soft shoe (with and without Irish Dancing Experience) through to an Advanced level where the emphasis will be on hard shoe dancing. Places are available on a first come first served basis so register now to avoid dissapointment. Registration can be made by post (contact us and we will send you out a registration form or download it from the web site) or simply via a few clicks in our Online Registration.

Last minute enrollment is possible on the day provided there is space in the class. Check before hand with the organisors.

We are reachable under +49 89 7239929 (Munich)
EMail: workshop@emerald-dancers.de
Web: http://www.emerald-dancers.de/Events/events.html

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