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16 August 2007 - 19 August 2007 - Munich Irish dance summer camp 2007

Daily classes for children & adults of all dancing levels!

Come and join the fun at this years Munich Irish dancing summer camp. There will be daily classes for four days in central Munich. Classes will also be available for complete beginners...

You will learn new steps, work on technique and have lots of fun while doing so!

This year the classes will be led by Mary Sweeney TCRG, Shane McAvinchey, (Riverdance) Temp. TCRG and special guest teacher Paula Goulding (Riverdance, Celebrity Jigs & Reels, qualified Pilates instructor)..

In addition to normal classes for Beginner, Primary, Intermediate and Open we will also be offering two ceili / show choreography classes and two Pilates classes with Paula Goulding.

For information and registration please contact shanemcavinchey@aol.com more information will soon be available on www.tirnanoggermany.com

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Author: Shane McAvinchey
Created: 28 June 2007
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