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27 January 2002 - Ceili at An Sibin DA

Next Sunday, 27th January, there will be a CEILI and SET DANCE afternoon at

An Sibin, Landgraf Georg Str.25, 62483 Darmstadt
(see www.ansibin.com for route map)
from 3.30 pm to 7 pm.

Entry is EUR 6,50 on the door from 3pm
while children under 12 years free.

Mary Sweeney will call ceili dances,
Heiko Reuhmkorff will call set dances,
LIVE music by the Trad Squad line-up.

Thanks to Danny Kelly, Janice Young
and all the management and staff at An Sibin
for their excellent hospitality!!

As this is the first ceili of the New Year, I would ask you to make a
special effort to support it.
So come along, kick up your feet and enjoy a great family afternoon.

Hope to see you there,
Stiofan O Foghlu

PS replies, if any to ofoghlu@digrm.de ONLY please.

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