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10 March 2007 - Irish Night for St.Patrick's Day Hamburg

Gabriell School of Traditional Irish Dance
proudly presents
Irish Night for St. Patrick’s Day
An evening of Irish Music,
Dance and Craic (fun)

The time around March 17th - the time of St.Patrick’s Day, the birthday of Irelands national Saint and the highest holiday – was always a time full of Festivities and Events.

The “Gabriell School of Traditional Irish Dance” proudly presents the first ever Irish Dance evening in Hamburg and we would be happy to welcome you.

An evening full of music, dance and irish sociability and hostpitality is expecting you..

It would be a pleasure for us to see you at this evening

Studio "Baladin"
Stresemannstrasse 374

tickets (box office) 15,- Euro
reduced 10,- Euro

Author: R.G.
Created: 15 February 2007
Last updated: 17 February 2007