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19 August 2006 - 25 August 2006 - The 6th Summer school of Irish Dancing - Prague, Czech Repub

Lessons of Irish Soft Shoe and Hard Shoe solo dances; Irish Set-Dancing lessons; Music lessons (Bodhran, Flute, Fiddle, Guitar)

Dance instructors:
Lisa Delaney-Galal TCRG, ADCRG - Delaney Academy London
Corinne Delaney - Delaney Academy London
Stephen Scariff - Vienna
Tereza Bernardova - Rinceoirí Prague
Marie Dernovsková - Rinceoirí Prague
Kristina Roztocilova - Rinceoiri Prague
Joseph O´Hara - England
Janet O´Hara - England
Bodhran - Roman Kozák - Keltieg - Slovakia
Fiddle - Dan Malczyk - Dun an Doras - Czech republic
Guitar (Irish Tunning)- Marek Zienert - Shannon- Czech R.
Flute - Martin Penic - Shannon - Czech Republic

More information at www.rinceoiri.cz (in English)

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