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24 July 2006 - 5 August 2006 - ISTA Celtic Summer 2006 - 4th Irish Dancing Summer School

Two-week Irish dancing summer school in Cracow, Poland. Guest teachers in 2006 - Sarah Clark TCRG and Stephen Scariff TempTCRG, lead dancers of Lord of the Dance.

ISTA Irish Dancing School invites you to Celtic Summer 2006 - 4th Summer School of Irish Dancing in Cracow, Poland (24th July - 5th August 2006)

Irish Dancing
Twelve days of tuition (over 30 three-day courses in different techniques and levels to choose from).
Guest teachers in 2006: Sarah Clark TCRG and Stephen Scariff TempTCRG, stars of Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance" show. Also 3 Polish Conditional TCRG teachers registered with An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha.
Classes in softshoe, hardshoe, ceili and performance dancing; three levels from beginner to advanced.

Choreography and ballet
This year we introduce classes in choreography theory and practice. We also offer ballet technique classes to improve your dance skills.

Scottish Dancing
Scottish Highland Dancing classes. Also Scottish Ball, Scottish pipers and other attractions!

Breton Dancing
Unique and beautiful form of dance - dances from Celtic Brittany. Dance with others in traditional Breton circles of this very social and trancelike dance form!

All of the above are taught by experienced teachers and offered in the form of three-day courses you can mix and match to create your own individual programme of dance techniques and levels you want to master. Affordable prices (from 20 euro per 6 hours course) let you develop your skills and polish your technique.

In addition, for participants of Celtic Summer we offer free dancing classes: free dance technique and coordination exercises. Ballet rooms will also be available for practise or for mastering the material from previous classes. All classes will take place in professional mirrored ballet-rooms (Nowa Huta Culture Centre, Cracow, Poland).

Apart from dance tuition we invite you to many accompanying events: Open Stage (two-day festival of Irish dancing with performances by various Irish dancing groups from Poland and abroad), Scottish Ball and ceilidh, Irish ceili, movie and video presentations, music concerts, exhibitions, shopping opportunities and other attractions! For the participants of Celtic Summer entrance to these events is free.

Celtic Summer will take place in Cracow, beautiful town full of historical monuments, picturesque places, lovely cafes and clubs. We are sure you will enjoy unique athmosphere and affordable prices during your stay in Cracow! We may help you choose your accommodation according to your budget and expectations. Budget accommodation in the NCK building is offered at very affordable rates!

Celtic Summer 2005 was attended by 200 enthusiaststic dancers and Open Stage 2005 Festival had a 1000 spectators' audience. We hope to meet you in Cracow in 2006!

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