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26 November 2005 - 27 November 2005 - SOLO DANCE WORKSHOP

A solo dance workshop for ALL dancers is being offered on this weekend under the direction of MAGGIE TOWNSEND from London who is now in partnership with RICHARD GRIFFIN in the GRIFFIN-LYNCH SCHOOL OF IRISH DANCING (Name of school is actually the Irish spelling)

This workshop is open to all dancers from all groups and schools of all levels and abilities. The venue is not yet confirmed but will most likely be in Dusseldorf at the same venue as the Ceili, Figure Choreography workshop being offered by Richard Griffin. Again there will be a limited number of places available on a first come first served basis and anyone intersted in participating in this workshop must send their Name, Mailing address and contact telephone number to Eiriu@aol.com Thank you.

Author: Sean
Created: 7 June 2005
Last updated: 7 June 2005