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28 October 2001 - Hallowe'eni at An Sibin Irish Pub Darmstadt

DIGRM has provided us with the following information:
On Sunday 28th October, there will be an Irish ceili dance and social with live music at An Sibin Irish Pub, Landgraf Georg Straße 25, Darmstadt 64283 ( www.ansibin.com for travel details, plenty of parking just up the street).

HENNING BROUWER from Heidelberg will call the ceili and SET DANCING, TRAD
SQUAD will play LIVE ON STAGE and the staff and managment of AN SIBIN will
welcome you with the best of Irish HOSPITALITY! Entrance is just 10,-DM and
the event kicks off at 4pm in the afternoon.

The Celts believed that the festival of "Imbolg" marked the point in the
cycle of the year when the forces of darkness gained a definitve upper hand
in the never-ending cycle of siamos/giamos, light/darkness, Summer/Winter.
The early Christian church adapted this festival on the Eve' of All Hallows
to honour our departed ancestors who had not yet found their way home, hence
the name "Halloween" that today is often associated with the American
festival of pumpkins and trick-or-treating ...

What better way to mark the occassion than with some lively folk dancing,
live music and lots of socailising next Sunday afternoon! Looking forward to
seeing many regulars at this month's ceili, as well as new faces, guests and
their families,

Best regards,
Stiofan O Foghlu

PS There will also be a celebration of Imbolg at An Sibin Irish Pub on
Wednesday 31st October itself, with a special appearance by the fabulous
"Big Bag of Sticks" band from Ireland...

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