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6 August 2005 - 7 August 2005 - Poland, Cracow - Irish and Scottish Dancing Festival

ISTA has the pleasure to invite everyone interested in Irish and Scottish Dancing to the Open Stage Festival. This two-day international event is an opportunity to see well-known groups as well some young talents performing various forms of Irish and Scottish styles of dancing.

During the concert dancers will have a chance to perform on the same huge professional stage on which we have celebrated the 10th anniversary of Irish and Scottish dances in Poland and on which numerous Polish and foreign ballet formations of old and modern dances, well-known in Europe and world-wide, have performed.

Groups and dancers wanting to perform are kindly asked to apply using the contact details provided at our website (see below). The admittance is free for the audience but please contact us if you plan to come with bigger group of spectators.

Open Stage is part of a 2-week long event organised by ISTA and NCK - Celtic Summer 2005, the 3rd summer school of Irish and Scottish dancing with Sarah Clark TCRG (LOTD, FOF).

Details available in English at:
Celtic Summer/Open Stage section - http://www.ista.art.pl/cl-e.shtml

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