Kilkenny School of Irish Dancing - Duisburg (Sean Kilkenny T.C.R.G.)

Germany : Duisburg

Sean Kilkenny has founded a "branch" of the Kilkenny School of Irish Dancing in Duisburg. He gives classes twice a month (Saturdays) in Soft and Hardshoe at Beginner and Intermediate levels (Irish equivalents: Beginner and Primary).

The school started up in September / October 2003 with around 10 pupils. Currently Sean travels in on two Saturdays in the month to teach. Sean's main base is in Holland, but the regular classes and Sean's teaching abilities should compensate for the gaps in training.

The school is located directly in front of the main train station.




School Address:
Studio N
Mercatorstr. 3

Tel: +49 (0)177 / 2895917
E-mail: keep-on-dancing@gmx.net



Web: www.keep-on-dancing.de.vu

Created: 13 January 2004
Last updated: 13 January 2004