Rince Tír Na N'Óg (Mary Murray Sweeney)

Germany : Kaiserslautern

Classes throughout the week. Workshops in Kaiserslautern, Munich and Germany wide. Classes in English.

Mary Sweeney (better known under her maiden name Mary Murray) has been dancing from the age of 4 and holds Medals in the Leinster, All Ireland and World Championships. She started teaching with her dance teacher Molly Farrelly (An Coimisiún) at the age of 15 and travelled around Europe, the States and Cyprus.

Mary came to Germany in 1992 and started working in one of the Irish Pubs in Munich. Before long she was holding regular Ceilí sessions on Tuesday evenings, and started up her own group in 1993. The Ceilí sessions continued with unabated interest until the neighbours finally got their way end of 1999. In the mean time however Mary had build up her own group (now called Rince Tir na n’Og) into one of the largest in Germany with many dancers in Munich and more recently in Kaiserslauten.

Mary is now living in Kaiserslauten, but makes regular visits to Munich to hold Workshops. In addition she is constantly on the move giving Workshops and performances all over Germany. The first ever Feís in Germany was held under Mary’s direction in November 1999, where groups from all over Germany attended.

Latest News May 2003:
Mary ran the first open Feis in Germany in may 2003 and has recieved her T.C.R.G teaching qualitication.




Steinstraße 50
67657 Kaiserslauten

Tel: +49 - 631 / 71 612 416
Mobile: +49 - 171 - 4651877
E-mail: MurSweeney@aol.com



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