An Rein Rinceoir Academy (Maria McAteer)

Germany : Cologne (Köln)

Update: Maria has now returned to the UK and the website is no longer active. It is to be assumed however that the group is still active.

Classes several times a week at various levels. Regular workshops in Köln and Bonn. Classes in English (I assume).

Maria came to germany in 1999 and had initially no plans to teach at all. After a few months with little contact to the "locals" she asked at a few of the dance studios if they would be interested and was overwhelmed by the response.
Their website has photos of their recent show and has details of the courses.

Latest News May 2003:
All the best with your T.C.R.G. preparations from all of us.




E-mail: maria@rinceoir.de or MariaMcAteer@gmx.net



Web: www.rinceoir.com

Created: 1 January 2000
Last updated: 13 January 2004