An Ciorcal (Sabine Surholt)

Germany : Augsburg

We are around 25 Set Dancer from Augsburg and have been set dancing since 1999.
Sabine Surholt from Welden by Augsburg is our set dance teacher.
Sometimes we do smal performances and organize ceilis and workshops.
For Set Dancing we meet at the pub
Seilerstr. 5
86153 Augsburg
For dates, please have a look at the calendar on www.an-ciorcal.de
We are looking forward to seeing you there!




Obere Weinbergstr. 3
D-86465 Welden

Tel: 08293/965864
E-mail: sabine.surholt@t-online.de



Web: http://www.an-ciorcal.de

Created: 28 April 2008
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