Greenwood School of Irish Dancing (Heike Fröhling & Jelena Haramis)

Germany : Bonn

Trainers: Heike Fröhling (W.I.D.A. TCRG) & Jelena Haramis (W.I.D.A. TCRG)

Children and Adult Classes in Bonn and Rheinbach
Softshoe, Hardshoe, Ceili: Feis Training and General Classes
Set Dancing Workshops
Ceílís with the Bonn Ceílí Band

Performance Group "an macalla"

Soon to come: Classes in Cologne




Wehrhausweg 43
53227 Bonn

Tel: ++49/228/476634 ++49/228/431813
E-mail: greenwood@freenet.de, anmacalla@freenet.de



Web: www.greenwood-school.de

Created: 15 August 2006
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