Rince Tír Na N'Óg (Mary Murray Sweeny, Shane McAvinchey and Geraldine Giles)

Germany : Munich (München)

Shane and Geraldine run the Munich end of Mary's Irish Dancing school. Classes are held in Munich throughout the week in various studios and schools. The performers meet on Saturdays. Classes in English.

Back in 1992 or so, Mary came to Munich to work in one of latest Munich pubs. After a while she started giving Ceili evenings on tuesdays which where a raging success. It did not take much time before she was giving classes and a few years later they named their group "Rince Tír Na N'Óg". After moving to Kaiserslautern the day to day running was taken over by Brid McKeown untill she returned to ireland. From 2002 (or so) group was taught by Kelly Sullivan (T.C.R.G - America), and from Summer 2003 Shane McAvinchey and Geraldine Giles.




Steinstraße 50
67657 Kaiserslauten

Tel: +49 - 631 - 3607172
Mobile: +49 - 171 - 4651877
E-mail: Shane: mcavinchey50@aol.com or Geraldine: DavidGDag@aol.com



Web: www.rince-tir-na-nog.de

Created: prior to 1.1.2002
Last updated: 7 January 2004