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We have put together a list of Irish Dancing Videos which are available at the moment. These do not by any means replace the need for a trained Irish Dancing Teacher, but can be helpful if there are no classes available in your area. Please contact us if you have any comments (good or bad) about the information provided in the Videos, or you know of other Videos which come onto the market.

This is very much a personal assessment and should only be considered a rough guideline as to the content and the quality. Kiddies videos targeted at children and schools tend to get lower ratings as the majority of the dancers in Germany are adults.

Check out the materials page for shops in Germany able to supply these. Thanks go to Robert Homeier for supplying us with some of the video material.

Olive Hurley

    Olive Hurley has a number of Videos which all have a high degree of excellence.

  • Irish Dancing: Soft shoe dances for Beginners:
    Explained very well. Should be one of the starting points for a video introduction to Irish Dancing.
  • Irish Dancing: Hard shoe dances for Beginners:
    Explained very well, includes a number of standard steps.
  • 30 Ceilè Dances:
    These are the Official Ceilè dances as specified in the “Green Book”. In total 4 Videos. This is generally accepted as the definitive Video collection for the standard Ceilè dances.

Seamus Kerrigan

  • Irish Dancing made easy:
    Contains Soft and Hard shoe dances. Well explained but not quite so good as the Hurley videos (thanks Bobby). Relatively slow taking the viewer through some of the easier soft and hard shoe dances. The dances are however explained very well and are easy to understand.

Colin Dunn

  • Celtic Feet:
    Excellent video with hard and soft steps. For intermediate to advanced dancers only as most of the steps require at least basic Irish Dancing knowledge.

Maoliosa Bond

  • Irish Dancing Beginner’s guide for boys and girls:
    Apparently not very well explained and primarily danced by children for children. Dances are repeated, somewhat boring (thanks Bobby). We still have to see this ourselves.

Teacher: Unknown

  • Children of the dance:
    We can summarise this video in a single word: Terrible!

School or Teacher: Unknown

  • Dancing at the Crossroads:
    New video which came out end of 1999. No information as yet but the first reports are quite positive.

These Videos are not exactly teaching videos but help to provide a broader understanding of Irish music and dance and their history.

Planxty O’Rourke

  • Planxty O’Rourke:
    This is a demonstration video of Irish dance and Irish Music and gives a good all round picture of how these two art forms fit together. One of the dancers from the O’Rourke school of Irish Dancing is currently on tour around Germany with Rhythm of the Dance.

Irish Dance

  • Irish Dance:
    According to the cover: ‘See it! Feel it! Love it!’ We are still working on the See it bit! Here the story of Irish dancing is told.

Tommy Hayes

  • Bodhrán Bones & Spoons:
    A bit off the Irish Dancing track, but an amusing teaching video for the Bodhrán. After a short introduction to the various types of frame drum he describes briefly the different methods that can used to play the Bodhrán and then goes on to describe in detail the style which he has developed himself.
    Beginners will quickly find themselves out of their depth and should take a course first, however the video is well worth getting a hold of.
    Tommy goes on to describe the rarely heard Bones and Spoons.
    Check out the
    materials page for links to Bodhrán teachers.